Dragon HeartHoldings

Dragon Heart Holdings invests in promising new ventures in the consumer goods, media, tech and finance industries as well as builds long-term positions in dividend-yielding stocks and ETFs

Early Stage Investments

Additionally we build positions in well-established dividend yielding stocks and funds, building up passive annual income as a long-term objective.

The Secure Processing Layer of Web3. Nillion is new internet infrastructure for the private storage, computation and decentralization of data.

Jetty is the financial services company for real estate. Our products are designed to improve the financial lives of renters and their property managers.

Coming from Jalisco, Mexico, Tequila Cayéya is crafted with traditional production methods. It's created by Master Destildora Sandra Gomez, one of the rare women in the biz.

Koia conveniently delivers craveable and nutritious plant-based drinks packed with plant protein and little sugar to keep your day fueled & full of flavor.

Share app opportunities every day! People see a practice that discloses, sells! While your clients choose the products, talk with them and discover the interests and needs of each one!

Premium unisex house clothes designed to make you feel great at home.

I decided to create something that is reflective of my culture, my family, and my grandpa’s teachings of never letting food go to waste (and not too much sugar – he was diabetic), and Agua Bonita was born...

Building the insurance infrastructure of tomorrow, today. Take full control of your policy
Lula consolidates all the tools you need to easily and effectively manage your insurance.

Psychedelic retreats for the modern world. We are a professional organization, grounded in science and dedicated to evidence-based practices.

Be a present and affective Parent. Meet the Togetherness App, the number 1 App for Families in more than 90 countries. 4.7 (Millions of families already trust us)

Constant makes it easy to invest in private credit, and we offer analysis so you can deeply understand the strategies, risks, and return profiles of funds before investing.

The all-in-one solution for growing businesses to manage their digital
marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok, YouTube, and

The multi-dimensional interface with horizontal and vertical scrolling lets you discover more in less time. Protect your data while you browse the web. A search engine free of tracking and invasive ads.

Inflation Proof Your Business, Real-Time Market Price Monitoring, Position Your Prices to Maximize Profits, Use Data to Negotiate Product Costs, Increase Customer Value Perceptions

Linum is a creative tool that allows anyone to make animated videos with the help of AI. Linum is DALLE for video. Generate footage and iterate on it -- all in one place, with the help of AI.

Passive annual income as a long-term objective.

Additionally we build positions in well-established dividend yielding stocks and funds.

Well-Established Companies

Those Companies that have a proven track record of success and longevity in their industry.

Dividend Yielding Stocks

A portion of a company's profits that are distributed to shareholders as a way to reward them for investing in the company.

Passive Annual Income

Passive annual income can provide financial stability and security, as it can supplement or replace traditional employment income.

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Passion for Investing

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Active Positions

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Years of Experience

Business Development Source.

As seed and early stage investments mature and exits take place, a portion of the proceeds will be allocated to between the two strategies, building income producing positions that in turn fund more early stage investments

Investment Consulting

Financial Planning

Business Coaching

Networking Opportunities

Pitch an Investment

Dragon Heart is a value-add investor that acts as a business development resource for portfolio companies and constructively participates in investment syndicates

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